Blogmas Day 13: Our Bedroom Makeover Design

I know this is not Christmas themed but it does make me feel happy and may give you some ideas too. The look I am going for is at home luxury. Think hotel elegance meets the comfort and coziness of home.

The main furniture in a bedroom is …. you guessed it the bed! We wanted a bed that looked smart, was well-made and most of all comfortable. We visited several stores and searched the internet and it took a long time to find one we both loved. We found it in Bensons for Beds, the iGel Advance 2500 Plush Top in Charcoal and its the most comfortable bed we have ever laid on!

Originally we were going for a buttoned sleigh bed from one online store and a Hypnos mattress from another. We were first told deliver was 1-2 weeks then in small print on the payment screen it said 12-16 which we thought was sneaky and also far too long! Also we were nervous about ordering a bed online rather than a known trusted brand. We decided to go to Bensons for Beds as they have great reviews and we liked a couple of the beds. We tried their handy machine and then we tested quite a few mattresses and then we found it. We have ordered it with 4 draws for storage, the charcoal with matching boarder and base. The headboard is called Romeo.

The next thing that was very important to me was a new wardrobe, I have chosen an Ikea Pax system so I could completely customise it. I have chosen white exterior and interiors, with lights that come on automatically. I have chosen the Tyssedal doors and have bought separate gold handles.

We have chosen gold and black bed side lamps as they added a warm tone to the room and we love the way the glow from the inside of the shade lights up the wall. The black on the outside of the shade gives depth and contrast to the white wardrobes, dressing table and doors. I love the elegant shape of the stand gives us that luxury feel we are looking for.

We have found the most beautiful long curtains called Luna Brushed Dove Grey Blackout curtains from Dunelm. They will not only block out all the light but they look and feel luxurious and finish off the wall and frame the windows.

We have a few more things to choose and we will reveal those over on my YouTube channel when I do a tour.

Take Care xx

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