Blogmas Day 9: My Favorite Christmas Jumpers

Christmas jumper day is just around the corner and I have scoured the Internet searching for the best ones so you don’t have to.

The first one is from Peacocks £20 and comes in white, pink and blue. I like the curved neckline as wool tends to make me itch if directly on my skin. The snowflake can be silver or gold. It would go with jeans or you could dress it up with a skirt snd heels.

Now we have a practical option from New Look for £12.99. It’s a black sweatshirt which I love. Sweatshirts are so easy to wear and to wash snd no worrying about getting wet in the rain. Also … when is black not in fashion.

Next we have a very smooth knit jumper from Simply Be £20, it’s longline for those of us that like a longer silhouette. You can also cinch in the waist with a belt if that’s your style.

Last but not least we have this subtle sparkle jumper from Roman £32. It comes in green and purple. It’s light weight and not over sized but loose fit and very flattering.

Which one is your favourite? Who is your go to for Christmas Jumpers?

Take care xx

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