Blogmas Day 8: 5 Lipsticks To Make Your Lips Pop This Christmas

I have always loved lipstick but unfortunately as I have rather shaky hands my application leaves a lot to be desired. Lipstick can brighten your complexion and lift the darkest outfit. Maybe one day I will be able to do a good lip but for now I can just admire the brilliant shades. Below are my favorite lipsticks for this Christmas.

My favorite lipsticks are by Estee Lauder, I love the Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipstick Collection and this shade is called powerful which I think says it all. Its a subtle shade that adds a pop of colour but nothing too brash. There are 39 shades from nudes to the brightest reds so your sure to find the right one for you.

Next we have Rimmel London Moisture Renew I love Amethyst Shimmer the purple hue goes really well with my autumnal toned jumpers. Every winter I get very dry lips and my usual lip balms keep my lips moist but not the biggest choice of colours. This range contains vitamins A,C and E and keep your lips moist and you have 20 shades to choose from.

I love the packaging on this next product, I have chosen this bright pink as some days we just want to express our happiness and joy and this is it. MAC Frosted Firework Lipstick comes in 5 colours from white to dark purple. There is a hint of glitter/ sparkle great for the festive season.

I have already mentioned how I struggle to apply lipstick but these are so easy to use even I can do it. Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks come in both a demi- matte and matte but do not dry out my lips. The matte ones are very on trend and give a velvet look. They can also be layered with a gloss if you like that look.

Last but not least we have Urban Decays Vice Lip Chemistry. This high-gloss lip tint that reacts to your pH and creates a custom shade unique to your tone. The color last for up to 5 hours is smooth and glossy and doesn’t even transfer! There are 21 shades to choose from.

I hope you give one of these a try, tell me what your favorite is.

Take care x

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