Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Nail Inspiration

I love to get my nails done, it makes me feel finished and like I have made an effort. I also find it strengthens my nails which is just an added bonus. Even if I can’t get them done all the time I usually make sure I treat myself at Christmas. Below are my top designs for 2020 to give you inspiration for your own nails.

This first design is quite subtle, if your not into Farther Christmas and Rudolph all over your nails but still want to be ready for the party season this design is perfect. You can change the colours but I love the white with rose gold glitter. You can also swap ends and have the glitter start at the tips.

I love the Christmas tree design the most, it is effortless elegance and could be a feature nail with the rest plain or incorporated into a wider design as seen above. You can change the base colour and metallic highlight which will change the effect. You could use red and green to be festive, you could have pink or purple and rose gold or copper highlight. Another option would be to have a metallic base and a solid colour highlight.

Next up is something I think is a little different and that’s the knitted effect. The most popular seems to be the cable knit so I found these ones that were a little different. These can be a subtle raise or quite built up so the design pops off the nail. I think the designs look best in one colour as if they are a knitted jumper.

This option is a twist on the traditional, I have had this design but without the dots and the snowflakes more central. I have also had a red stipe of ribbon on a silver nail base. The red really is festive and bright and makes me smile ever time I see my nails.

This last design is a mixture of fun and neutral. I like this particular photo because the base colours are very neutral and the baubles add a it of bling and sparkle. You can change this to be more traditional Christmas by changing the base colour to green then add a red bauble with gold ribbon. You could have a shimmer purple base with a glitter bauble and silver ribbon.

I hope you like these ideas and that they inspire you to have a bit of fun with your nails this Christmas. What’s your favorite design? Let me know about what you like to do with your nails at Christmas.

Take care x

2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Nail Inspiration

  1. FUN! I’ve never gotten my nails done with such elaborate designs but I would love to at some point. California is in a complete shut down, so maybe I’ll be able to visit the nail show when it’s safe to do so OR i might just DIY at home. Thanks for the inspiration!

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