Blogmas Day 5: Remembering Lost Loved Ones At Christmas

Last year I sadly lost my Dad and today was his birthday. I wanted to write a post that may help people to remember their loved ones at Christmas but still be positive and happy. My Dad loved Christmas as do we all as a family. He would not want any of us to be sad, he would wan t us to laugh and enjoy ourselves. The above Christmas remembrance ornament is so special to me as the words say what I would want to say to him. It has robins on which he loved and I can light a candle and think of him. That particular design is made with lots of different relationships so you can find the right one for you. Another idea is a bauble, this could be engraved or not.

I have a special necklace that has some of his ashes inside, if you didn’t know then you cannot tell it looks like normal jewellery. It makes me feel close to him and I love to think about him every time I see it in a mirror. I wear mine on his birthday, the day he passed and Christmas Day so I feel like he is with me.

Another way is to have a photo of your loved one in a Christmas frame or any frame you like and maybe a Christmas photo from Christmases past.

If your loved one was buried not cremated then you could go and refresh the flowers on the grave or place a wreath on the headstone. I used to live in a small village in Worcestershire, in the cemetery was the grave of a young gypsy girl and every year a wreath appeared on the headstone but no one ever saw who put it there.

We also like to watch one of Dads favorite Christmas films and share a Toblerone as that was one of his favorites, then we discuss fond memories and laugh together.

If I was to pass away I would want my family to live on, be happy, enjoy and make the most out of life. No one wants to be forgotten so remember them and honour their memory. Remember if you feel like crying, that’s ok. I still cry sometimes it is important to express your feelings and let them out.

If you ever need someone to talk to, then I am always here. Contact me on any of my platforms and I will listen and support you.

Take Care xx

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