Blogmas Day 2: How To Make The Most Of Your Christmas 2020

Christmas is a truly magical time of year and I find it can really lift my mood, strengthen my relationships with the ones I love and motivate me to work hard to achieve my goals. So how do we make the most of this time of year and really feel the Christmas spirit? I’m going to share some of the things I do every year to get me in the festive mood.

Advent Calendar

Now there is nothing like a daily buzz of anticipation of what is going to be behind that days door. If your a chocoholic like me the Lindt Truffle one is perfect, if your not a chocoholic then you have so many options. Beauty advent calendars are a huge thing with many brands bringing their A game to the table from Harrods and Selfridges to Lookfantastic and Glossy Box. You get to try lots of brands and new products and who knows you may find your new favorite. If Beauty isn’t your thing then you have several candle companies that bring you a daily dose of Christmas scents I personally love the Yankee Candle ones as they are affordable but still fill your room.

Christmas Decorations

Now this one might sound obvious but when your home has the extra color and all the lights are twinkling away, your home feels more cozy and inviting. I love to turn off the ceiling light and have the Christmas Tree, decoration lights and candles light the room. Enjoy a nice coffee or hot chocolate and just soak up the atmosphere. As we cannot really attend events this year I think it would be great to have a little drive around your local area and towns near by to look at the Christmas lights. Put on the Christmas songs and have a good old sing song. I find this really lifts my mood and helps me get excited for Christmas. If we were in normal circumstances I would say go to your light switch on, visit Christmas markets and enjoy the Christmas treats on offer.

Secret Santa

We always do a Secret Santa at work so that everyone gets a lovely gift but we don’t spend a huge amount of money buying for everyone individually. I also find it a little buzz of excitement to try and find the best gift for your person and try and keep it a secret. Then we put all the gifts under the tree and hand them out on the last day we are all in the office before the Christmas break.

Special Seasonal Drinks

Now and then I love a coffee as a treat and my go to coffee shop is Costa. Every year they both have a fabulous Christmas menu. If you like hot chocolate they both have you covered with several festive options. Its nice to try all the different ones and gives me something sweet to look forward to. They both do cute Christmas packaging. If you like a little snack with your drink they also have seasonal muffins and cakes or for the savory lovers panini’s, sandwiches and sausage rolls. Top Tip- Join the costa club and earn points to get free drinks… always nice when you get your favorite drink for free.

Watch Christmas Films

We all have our favorites but a nice chilled evening with your loved ones watching a feel good Christmas film is a great way to get the Christmas feels. I love the Nativity series as its good for all ages, funny, light hearted and has a positive message. I know this isn’t Christmassy but I watch this multiple times of year …. Harry Potter Films. I have never done a Harry Potter Marathon but I have watched a film every Saturday for 8 weeks. The Santa Clause Films are also a hit for me and my husband. His favorite are Christmas Carol type films he has so many different ones from westerns to modern day twists.

Christmas Baking

Not only is it a chance to be creative but you get to eat delicious snacks after all your hard work. I will have a few ideas and tutorials for you during Blogmas but here are a few traditional ones. The iconic Gingerbread House- you can make this yourself or buy ready made kits you put together and decorate. Biscuits and cookies are great as you can personalize them with your favorite flavors eg nuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter or sweets. Mince pies are a tradition here in the UK and I will be doing a post for those of you that don’t know … watch this space. Gingerbread men are also easy to do and you can decorate them and use them as decorations or as handy snacks for visitors.

What do you do to get into the Christmas spirit?

Take care x

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