Plans For Our Home

Sometimes life is so busy and between work and visiting friends and family we are rarely at home. With 2020 giving me the opportunity to be at home for long periods of time, it really brought home how I have not really made our house a home. This is about to change ……. we have been saving for sometime so that we can do bits to our house and for holidays which obviously didn’t happen this year. Now we are goin g to use our savings to make our house a real home and a place we can relax and be proud of.

We have decided that one of the most important things we want to invest in is a decent bed and mattress. We want a bed that looks good but guarantees a great night sleep! We love the timeless beauty of the chesterfield and the elegant curves of a sleigh bed. The only things I have changed on this is to have a plush fabric rather than a velvet and a flat back. My color palette is shades of gold, silver/grey and touches of black to add depth. This does sound a lot but when they are all together on the mood board it looks amazing. It reminds me of a luxury hotel and believe me it is functional too. All will be revealed here and over on my YouTube Chanel.

The second room to get a makeover will be our living room! Paul and I had a long chat about the sofas. They are the biggest pieces in the room and its so important to get them right. We wanted sofas that are comfortable, functional and also look good. We have gone for the Vinson Smart Recliners. They have usb charging points at both ends, a wireless charging point and cooling cup holders. There are two plug sockets inside the armrest and its also where our remotes will live! The stitching is beautiful and the fabric is hardwearing and comes with a 10 year guarantee. Most importantly they are power recliners with power assisted head rests, making it easy for you to find your perfect position.

We will be redecorating and fitting new carpets before the new furniture goes in. I can’t wait to share this with you!

I would love to hear about your favorite room in your house and why?

Take Care xx

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