My Weight-loss Journey

I feel like I have written this too many times before but my weight has been something that I have wanted to change for a long time. Now I need to put this in perspective first.

I am not unhealthy, I don’t have high blood pressure or high cholesterol or any other ‘side effects’ of being bigger. I do have ME and PCOS but neither of these only effect larger people. I am hardly ever ill, in fact the last time i was ill was a sickness bug over 2 years ago.

The thing is that my weight does not make me unhealthy but it does not make me happy. I don’t like to dance at parties because I don’t like to be looked at, I don’t take photos of my life events and memories because I don’t like how I look. I can’t wear whatever I like as I think I look awful. I have great fashion sense and love so many designers but it never looks good on me. I wear what fits, whats comfortable and what I feel minimizes what I don’t like.

I keep trying to start a plan and then I have a challenge in life and I eat a take away or something and then it carries on. Instead of cooking an evening meal I’ll have crusty bread or a oven cooked pizza.

A few years ago I did the slimming world plan and lost 3 stone and then I put it all back on again. The thing is it worked, I am not someone that loses big numbers I lose 1-2 lbs a week and this is where I get disheartened and give up. This time will be different I am going to plan more and stick to it.

I have made activity changes too, I am taking our dog Alfie out for a walk every day to up my steps and try and incorporate more activity. I do find it difficult as my husband goes to bed early as he has to start work at 03.30 so I only have an 1-2 hours with him after work which makes fitting exercise in challenging.

I will be sharing recipes here and also doing videos over on my YouTube Chanel.

I am really looking forward to being able to enjoy shopping and fashion and try so many new things. I want to say no matter what your size if you love the skin your in then good for you!! Go Girl!

Are you on a weight loss journey or have you had success and reached your dream weight? Please let me know below in the comments.

Its time to change, for the better and forever.

Take Care x

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